NSU summer session opens, and along with it this blog.

The past weeks have been intense: after reviewing my digital photographs I turned to my analogue archive, spanning more than 10 years of mainly slides (colour reversal film, or diapositives, for all digital natives) but also some colour negatives and B&W negatives. Focussing on an arbitrary common denominator I still ended up having some 2’500, size 24 x 36mm pictures pass under the loupe.

The challenge – and thrill – in this project is elsewhere than in a conventional photo exhibition, where the focus is on aesthetic values, technical qualities, perhaps revealing content and some form of theme and/or narrative coherence. In this installation, the value of the photographs comes from its relation to the audio accompanying it, and to some extent its suitability for the installation space. Thus, sifting through the material has been an exercise in constantly keeping the focus on these two additional aspects, while leaving aside the common conventions guiding selection of still images.

Overall, the theme of the installation aligns with the Study circle 4, Narrative and Violence, of the Nordic Summer University (NSU) during its summer session 2020. However, the installation also is a self-standing creative expression, that can be experienced by those visiting Lapinlahti historical mental hospital area in Helsinki.

During the following week, the installation will be erected in the Venetsia building in Lapinlahti. The NSU summer session trace event will be held online and IRL on Friday 31 July 10:00–10:30 (CET), 11:00–11:30 (local time). For those not participating in Study circle 4 the online meeting link can be obtain by contacting me using the contact form in this blog.

Subsequent to that event, the work featured in the installation will be published on this blog. The intention is that the blog serves as a platform for exchange of impressions, comments and critique also for those visiting the installation on location. Welcome!